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Discover the Oliver Difference

Each of our travel trailers take over 400 hours to build from production to delivery. They aren't made the easy way; they're made the right way, and we're very good at doing things that are not easy.

Join us as our lifetime of experience guides you through every choice we make—an experience that leads to campers & trailers that last for generations and then some.

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Colder Seasons

Oliver is meticulously crafted to overcome common hang-ups and deliver an exceptional camping experience in any season.

Heat Waves

Don't let the heat limit your travel plans – find out how the Legacy Elite II RV can be your refuge in any climate.

Double-Hull Design

At the core of our brand's pride lies the double-hulled fiberglass shell – a unique game-changing innovative design.

Engineered Chassis

Unveiling the design elements and construction techniques that sets Oliver apart from the rest of the industry.

Manufacturing Experience

travel trailer manufacturers

Oliver Travel Trailers are manufactured by Oliver Fiberglass Products (OFP) Company in Hohenwald, Tennessee. It is one of several product lines produced at the OFP plant. The concept came from the Oliver family’s love of the outdoors and past experiences with other units. They wanted to build a unit that would last them and their families for years to come. The 18′ 5″ Legacy Elite sold in 2007 and 2008 and again from 2014 to present day, Olivers were well received by the public as a high-quality product.

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Shell Construction

fiberglass RV shell construction

It takes four fiberglass shells to build an Oliver, two inner shells and two outer shells. The lower outer shell is first bolted to the aluminum frame. Some of the electrical wiring, all the plumbing lines, and the holding tanks are placed inside and the connections are made. Next, the” inner bubble” is created by the bonding of the upper and lower inside shells. Inside the “bubble” created by these two shell are molded the seats, counters, cabinets and the recess for the floor.

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Design Benefits

Oliver Design Benefits

We have not seen any other fiberglass shell hull with better design. A few of the many design benefits include 4-Season Camping, Stable Towing, Better Storage Capacity, Premium Class Materials, Self Containment, Aerodynamic Design, All Composite Exterior Shell and Double Fiberglass Core.

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4 Season

Oliver All Season Insulation and Design

The 4 Season design was inspired from years of camping using other brands and making every aspect better, higher quality, more efficient and easier to maintain. Once you see what the Oliver engineers have developed you will soon see why Olivers are the best-insulated RVs in the industry.

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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Inspection

At Oliver, we have a strong in-production inspection process. At each of our production sections, our Quality Assurance Team inspects the trailer thoroughly. The Oliver will NOT roll on to the next production section without a complete pass by one of our Quality Inspectors. Through feedback from this program, we improve our training and education on the construction and also the components and materials that go into the Olivers.

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Oliver Delivery

Oliver Delivery Day

The day you take delivery of your new Oliver at our plant in Hohenwald, Tennessee will be fun-filled and exciting. First, we go over the trailer with you using a thorough checklist to make sure everything is in place and working order. Once you are satisfied we will finish up the delivery paperwork. But that’s not the end of our delivery process. Now you will be provided with what we call “The Maiden Voyage Shake Down” where we pay for a night…

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RVIA Member


What is RVIA? They are a national trade association representing nearly 300 manufacturers that do 6 random and unannounced plant inspections a year to ensure their members are following the proper guidelines in compliance with the NFPA 1192 RV Standard. Also, RVIA provides an ongoing Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) educational program for its members.

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NATM Member


What is the NATM? The National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) has been dedicated to improving trailer safety and performance for more than 25 years. The association represents manufacturers who produce light and medium-duty trailers which are towed behind vehicles. NATM seeks to promote awareness among its members of best industry practices and provide a voice for trailer manufacturers about issues of trailer safety and regulations. Their goal is to promote safety standards.

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