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The Oliver Experience

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Our direct-to-consumer experience is like no other. From the initial contact throughout the sale process to delivery and service, we believe in providing a first-class experience for our customers.

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When you become an Oliver owner, you'll experience the company's commitment and dedication to its customers. Whether through personalized assistance during the purchasing process or ongoing support and maintenance, Oliver goes above and beyond to ensure that every owner has an exceptional experience.

The Showroom Tour

If you plan a trip to Hohenwald, Tennessee, visit the Oliver Travel Trailer showroom. Here, you'll have the chance to see the latest models of these exceptional trailers up close and personal. Join Jason Lindsey, a knowledgeable Sales Associate, as he takes you on a showroom tour that could change your perception of travel trailers.

The Factory Tour Experience

We highly recommend scheduling a factory tour if you want to learn more about Oliver. During the tour, you'll get an in-depth look at the production process and see firsthand how skilled technicians bring these trailers to life. Take advantage of this opportunity to see why the Oliver is a top choice for adventurous travelers.

The Field Visit Experience

Our field visit program is the perfect solution for those seeking the opportunity to witness the splendor of an Oliver Travel Trailer firsthand. It is an invaluable tool for those considering a purchase and desiring a custom-built, true four-season travel trailer.

The Delivery Experience

Experience the day you've been dreaming of Delivery Day! At Oliver Travels, we understand the significance of this moment and take it very seriously. We want you to be fully prepared for your upcoming adventures as you tow your brand-new trailer from our facility.

The Campground Tour

We constantly strive to enhance and enrich the customer experience at Oliver Travel Trailers. One exciting initiative we have introduced is the Oliver Campground.
The Oliver Campground is adjacent to our Sales & Service Center in Hohenwald, Tennessee. Access is restricted to our customers that are picking up their new Oliver or customers get service work completed.
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