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Are you getting close to retirement and dreaming about the adventures that await you, or are you one of the lucky ones who can do it while you’re younger? In either case, setting sail to some of the most beautiful places North America offers has become a common goal on many of our bucket lists.

Researching and finding a suitable unit for your adventure can be a challenge. We’ve done some homework to see how our Oliver Legacy Elite & Elite II compare to similar-sized Escape and Airstream RVs.

Oliver is towable, has plenty of space, and has a beautiful interior and exterior design. Also, remember that Oliver manufactures its RVs in Hohenwald, Tennessee. Look below, and you will agree that the Oliver camper trailer offers the best value in its class!

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Compare Legacy Elite vs inTech & Airstream RVs

compare travel trailers airstream nestCompare LE vs inTech & Airstream

Legacy Elite II vs Airstream, Escape, & NuCamp RVs

compare travel trailers airstream escapeCompare Le II vs Competition
Compare Elite and Elite II Travel Trailers

Compare Elite and Elite II

Compare LE vs LE2
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