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See An Ollie Near You

You are requesting to view a current owner’s Oliver Travel Trailer. Selected owners are members of our referral program. We have owners all over the country who have graciously volunteered their time and resources to introduce prospective buyers to the Oliver Difference. There are two options to requesting a Field Visit.

First you may call our offices and speak to our Field Visit Coordinator at 1-888-526-3978 . The second option is to fill out the form below and our Field Visit Coordinator will call you and a nearby owner to arrange your personalized field visit.

see an Oliver travel trailer in your area

Important things to keep in mind during your visit

RV travel trailer preparation


Oliver owners participating in the referral program are strictly volunteers. Please feel free to express your appreciation in the way you deem most appropriate as we know many of them spend hours cleaning and preparing their travel trailers for your visit.

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Respect their time and property

Please bear-in-mind that while these owners may receive a stipend if you end up purchasing an Oliver Travel Trailer, they are not otherwise compensated for their time in showing their Oliver. Therefore we ask that you respect their time and their property. As our owners have volunteered their time and resources we ask that you defer to their wishes as to place and time of the meeting.

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Different Year Models and Features

Our Oliver Owners have different year models and many different features that may have only been offered during their time of purchase. We have grown to offer different options over the years just as you would expect from a car manufacturer. Many of our customers have done their modifications or add-ons after purchase. If you have questions about these it’s alright to ask but please be aware that you will want to save detailed questions for an Oliver Sales Representative to properly advise you of current pricing and trailer options for the current models that we are producing.

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Oliver Owners may be able to give you general ideas on pricing and options. For the most up-to-date information, our Sales Reps will gladly provide these upon request. This field visit is to view an Oliver, to get a general feel for the travel trailer, the company and the factory outlet direct buying experience. A lot of our customers appreciate the fact that Owners are not paid salespeople and are free to express their opinion in an unbiased manner.