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    Disclaimer: The Oliver trailer owners in the testimonial videos below have freely shared their experience with Oliver and their travel trailers. They are real owners and have not been compensated for their review.

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    Jim provides insightful advice to those contemplating the purchase of an Oliver Travel Trailer. Conducting thorough research is crucial in determining the most suitable option for your unique travel preferences.

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We're the Russos

Luxury Fiberglass Camper

Oliver Factory Tour

With Dori & Mena

Legacy Elite Tour

With Dori & Mena

Legacy Elite II Walkthrough

With Dori & Mena

Randi's Adventure Review

Is an Oliver Worth the Price?

All About RV's Review

A True Quality Travel Trailer!

Runaway Roses Review

Better Than Airstream?

Runaway Roses Review

Best Built Fiberglass Travel Trailer

Magazine & Article Oliver Trailer Reviews

Trailer Life Magazine

High-Class Fiberglass: Oliver Legacy Elite II

trailer life cover june 2018 oliver travel trailers

"You get what you pay for" speaks volumes in the travel trailers' world as it does everywhere else.

trailer life test

See what we have put together about the Legacy Elite II.

Trailer Life Magazine

Oliver’s Twist | 2016

trailer life cover 2016 oliver travel trailers

This Tennessee-based manufacturer builds low-volume, high-quality fiberglass travel trailers with some very unexpected features...

trailer life test

RV Magazine Review

A Family Affair

oliver travel trailer review by rv magazine

"The Family-Owned and Operated Company Creates Towables That Last a Lifetime."

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GetAway Couple Review

Luxury Molded Fiberglass Travel Trailers

oliver travel trailers getaway couple review

"This Fiberglass Travel Trailer Is More Luxurious Than You Thought."

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Camp Addict Review

The Yacht of The Fiberglass Travel Trailer World

This is where you get ALL your RVing product answers in one place. More importantly, it's a place that you can trust.

Read Kelly Beasley's review on Camp Addict.

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RV Travel Review

Boondocking in an Oliver Travel Trailer

rv travel reviews

Read RV Travel's review of the boondocking capabilities of an Oliver travel Trailer.

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Mobile RVing

Customizable Luxury Trailers Bought Factory Outlet Direct from Oliver

mobile rving

A review from Andrew Malo at mobilerving.com wrote an article on the Oliver Travel Trailer.

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RV Travel Review

2021 Oliver Legacy Elite II Travel Trailer

oliver legacy elite review

"Imagine that your fan club is so strong you don’t need dealers to show your products – just ask your fans to tell their story with your product. That’s the Oliver trailer. Oliver is an independent RV company from Tennessee that started in 2008 when twin brothers Jim and John Oliver had their fill of RV-related issues and sought to build their own trailers the way they wanted them built."

So how are they made?

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Roaming Times

10 Best Travel Trailer Brands

roaming times top 10 best travel trailer brands

Check out the list of the most popular manufacturers of rv travel trailers.

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RV Business

Oliver Legacy Elite II Owner Testimonial

rv business

Prepare to be inspired by the heartwarming tale of Chuck and Lynn Reppas as they embark on an exciting new adventure with their beloved Oliver Travel Trailer. Their captivating journey in finding and acquiring the extraordinary Legacy Elite II will surely leave you grinning from ear to ear. Moreover, the invaluable advice and pearls of wisdom they share throughout their story will encourage profound contemplation, prompting you to reflect upon and treasure your personal experiences.

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RV Roadtrip

Top 10 RV Manufacturers

top10 rv camper manufacturers

See the list they put together of the top 10 best RV trailer manufacturers.

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Best Insulated Travel Trailers of 2020

And what to look for

RV Expertise - Best Insulated Travel Trailers

It is of essence that when you purchase a travel trailer, it is insulated. There are certain reasons to put into perspective.

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Family RVing

Oliver Takes a Different Approach

family rving review of oliver travel trailersfamily rving review of oliver travel trailers

Read the Family RV's review of the Legacy Elite II Travel Trailer.

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Supersize Life

Final Four Fiberglass Trailers

supersize life logo

Supersize Life is one of our newest Oliver Owners that decided to go live on the road. She enjoys boondocking, camping, the outdoors, and living life to the fullest!

Here's her honest reviews of the trailers she was considering to buy before ultimately choosing an Oliver.

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Wincrasher Blog

My New 2015 Oliver Legacy Elite II

This is a video review of the interior and exterior of the 2015 Oliver Legacy Elite II travel trailer.

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17′ Fiberglass Trailer

technomadia review

Read this couple's blog about their search for the perfect travel trailer.

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